I think I have a problem. I have an 1987 (or so) Ibanez RG142. I just changed the strings on it and saw that the strings aren't really over the pickup poles. Is this something to worry about? On one string, the magnet is at one time, to the left, right above, and to the right of the pole piece. Any ideas why? I'm pretty sure this is bad. Any way to fix this?

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It's like that because that's where the pickup was placed. You could move it but it would be problematic, especially with the pick guard.

Maybe it's the angle but the low E looks like it's about to come off the neck.
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Looks like your neck is a bit off, sideways. Try aligning the neck so it's straight.
Loosen the screws a little and give
it a bump with your hand and see
if you can get the neck to move
toward the small E string and
tighten it back down holding neck
in it's new position. Hopefully you
can get to stay straight.

Then check the pickup alignment,

Quote by MegadethFan18
Maybe it's the angle but the low E looks like it's about to come off the neck.

This. It could mean your neck is not in place.
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Looking at where your low E is on the neck looks like something is off. Try as was said and see if the neck has shifted slightly in the pocket. Not sure how your bridge mounts but also make sure that is seated correctly (like if it is a trem make sure that the edges are seated right on the posts). Lastly make sure the nut hasn't shifted over slightly causing the problem.

It wont make a GIANT difference if the string doesn't set perfectly over the pole piece, but unless that is the angle of the picture the E string looks too close to the edge of the neck.
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