Hello, Just introducing…

My name is Nicho and I've been using UG tabs for a while on smartphone (Goood eyesight!!!) and I'm getting a bit more interested in what is happening on the UG website lately.

I very modestly play guitar and sing not to difficult stuff. Oh! I'm a Bowie and his "dérivés" maniac but I also like blues, folk, pop, traditionals …etc.

I LOVE to post that kind of video when I'm trying to sing and play and my kids just pop in the screen dancing or singing with me or want something desperately right NOW and I'm urging to go on straight with my song….
Hey Nicho, welcome to the forums! We hope your experience here is a friendly and positive one, and that our sub-forums and users can provide you with any knowledge you seek.

There's a vast resource of information on this site--don't be afraid to use it
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