So after 6 years of playing guitar I just realized I can't strum fast with my fingers. I started looking at my right hand and I noticed I tend to do downstrokes with my ring, middle and pinky, the index just "points" forward, and upstrokes with my thumb. How do you do it?

I'm trying to play this lick at 8:37 but my fingers get stuck on the strings. How is he using his right hand?


This is one of my favourite songs so i just had to comment. From the way you describe it you strum the same as me. I also found that part quite difficult to play with the same aggression and speed confidently without using a pick. It took me a while to get it down. I know practice isn't the advice you're looking for but other than that i don't know what to say. Only other advice i can really think of is to take note of the strumming pattern if you haven't already... As fast as he is strumming there's actually a pattern to it, which you can obviously hear from the way he accents his downstrokes. I think really solidifying that pattern in your mind and accenting the downstrokes the way he does will help maintain a consistent flow and not **** you up so much. Sorry i can't be of more help. Good luck though, it's a ****ing amazing song