At ~1:10 (and similar) I had to turn it way down with all of the treble (I'm sensitive to that). Other than too much treble, the audio quality is pretty good. This kind of strikes me as a Nine Inch Nails (take that as a compliment) with a touch of hip hop (the vocal delivery during the chorus). I'm not sure if it's real drums or drum software. Good for the genre.
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cheers for the feedback man I appreciate it, yeah we are going for that alt/nu metal sound, will check yours now
Musically, it's cool. Nice eerie sound. Great alt rock.

The bad: IMO
The singing is holding back the track. The verse isn't all that great on his part.
Yeah, I really dig the music..spacey and creepy...although I wanted to hear the guitars a little more.

The vox..during the verse they seemed pitchy and uninteresting, but got better during the intense and screaming/yelling parts (I can relate, not throwing stones in a glass house here). I just didn't get enough melody out of them on this one.

Fix that, and this song will totally kick ass. Just my opinion, of course.

Here's mine...Gods and Fathers
Cheers for the feedback it's hugely appreciated, will speak to the guys in the band and see what can be done!
Hi, quite like the starting 'riff' and the chords going along with it, quite inventive, although the intro maybe goes on slightly too long. Really like how the screeching type sound fades out from the first chorus and back into the verse - quite a good transition there generally. Otherwise not much difference musically between v1 and v2. Could have maybe added some variation there.
Quite impressed with the overall sound quality, with the mix being very clear. Also really liked the panning/mixing on the extra guitar that comes in during the 3rd minute. Think the vocals are well performed, with the extra vocal line(s)/harmonies working well in the chorus.
Have to say this is not my type of music (prefer more mainstream stuff with definite melody hooks), so its not grabbing my interest, but I think its well put together.

Liking the instrumental parts of the tracks, very creepy sounding and creates a nice atmosphere. However the signing wasn't really my cup of tea. I had a hard time matching the singing with the rest of the track with both rhythm and pitch. I would say the screws just need to be tightened a little more vocally to get the rhythms in the pocket, and maybe look back over the vocal melodies to better fit the chord structures. I think with a little tweaking the song could be improved immensely.

Good stuff though and let me know if you guys release any more stuff, I'd like to see how you progress.

If you're doing C4C check out this original song I wrote and recorded
cheers for the feedback! will do mate. As for your song im liking it, its got a pantera/dethklok-y feel to, with other influences Im hearing, I like the little jazzyish backing over the solo, also is there some odd time signatures in there?
That thunking bass right at the start sent chills down my spine. So ominous. The vocals are very clear and well-sung. Nice electric tone. I don't really favor the vocals when the electric comes in; could have done a lot better with the vocal melodies, but I dig the emotion in that part. Great production. There needs to be another guitar; it's missing so much without that second guitar track. Love the screams, but they could be mixed a lot better. Awesome song, man. You guys have a ton of potential.

Wow man, I really appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah I wanted to double track guitars the but producer was being a bit of a dick about it. I will check yours when I get on my computer mate. We have plenty more to come!