I read that Marshall 2x12 cabs can be made of plywood or MDF.
For sure Marshall cabinets from the 80s are plywood (JCM800 LEAD) and from '90 and 91' too (JCM900 LEAD). Then were changed to MDF. What about current Marshall 1936?Are of plywood or MDF?Are they good like the 80s ones?
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Good question because I have been looking at one myself. I thought they are plywood with MDF baffle and/or backpanel. But thats just the impression/assumption I have and I'd like to know for sure.

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If you don't find an answer here try this site:


These are some search results on '1936 and MDF' or something like that.

If you have one, can you not inspect for yourself? Take the back off or take one of the handles out and peal back the tolex. Plywood vs particle board should be fairly easy to determine by looking at the edge of the wood.

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i heard that recently they were back to ply again, but that's just what i heard online. (maybe still with mdf backpanel and/or baffles, though, as MaaZeus suggests)
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1936 have always been ply, but they did use a MDF back panel for several years and they are now using all ply again. They haven ever been made of solid MDF ever
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