I've use to have a valve amp and sold it as I had no room to store it ( it was a half stack). A couple of years down the line and I'm now craving the valve sound, how ever , I've got next to money to spend! After weeks of looking, I've narrowed the search down to either a laney cub 8 or Hayden high 5, I know a lot of you will tell me to save up and spend more, however that's not on the cards at the moment! It's only for home use. The music I play ranges from sabbath to taking back sunday to bon iver! So an all rounder! Basically, has anyone used either of these? Are they any good? Any others I've over looked?
Thanks all!!
I'd not get the hayden, it's not really that versatile.
No idea about the laney.

How 'bout a vypyr tube 60?
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Try to find a used Cub 10 or 12 for the price of a new Cub 8. An 8" speaker is going to sound disappointing if you want to play Sabbath.