Thought I'd show off my main axe as of late. Suhr Custom Modern Carve Top with a mahogany body, 3/4'' maple cap, maple neck, scalloped ebony fingerboard, stainless steel Dunlop 6000s, custom made neck inserts, coil-split 1980s prototype Lace gold dually pickups (modified by John Suhr), roland gk-3, and Ritchie Blackmore Master Tone Circuit (MTC) made by Blackmore's luthier, Dawk Stillwell. Strings: 10, 11, 14, 26, 38, 48 tuned to E standard. Custom work done by DC Custom Guitars and Suhr.

keep it [the bat] in a cage, and right before your next gig starts, and your on stage and everything, bite its head off. AMD MUNCH DEM TINGS DER DOWN!!
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