Hi guys, got a quick question for which I assume there is a simple solution.

Basically, say you have a bunch of tracks that you have recorded that need to flow into each other, how do you export them so that the transitions are seamless? Do you still need to add a fade to the start and end to eliminate clicks? Should I export the whole thing as one and then cut it down to the individual tracks afterwards?

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That's probably best. You should have them all in one project for mastering anyway.

I do, although last time I tried exporting two tracks to flow into each other the transition was not smooth for some reason, it kind of clicks for some reason.
You need to set the PQ index up right.

What program are you using for mastering/burning?

EDIT also I've found most music library software doesn't have a seamless gap when listening back, even if the CD does.
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Err...You have do a lot of cutting...down to the milla seconds to get rid of the click.
Sometimes if you want to loop it...you use 2 tracks. Then mix those two tracks
into 1 track....
But that takes so much time...You end up recording the entire thing as 1 track yourself.lol

It's kind of like working off of only an 8 track....you mix everything down
into 1 track as backing. So you'll have room for the vocals with 7 tracks
The same with lead guitar parts...ect.

It's wickage that's why it takes for ever to do a mix down. You
have to know when to raise the volume on certain tracks at a certain time
then lower it. Pan it or whatever...ect

It's a pain. You gatta make notes of all the volume, tone settings for all the instruments.
If you come back later and try to make corrections...you'll notice the tone differents.
Rverb...depth, mic positions...ect. You name it.

It's better if you export each track indiviually. It'll give you more options later on.
The music will sound different depending how to mix it.
If you have a bigger mixer board later on, you can just load those tracks in.

It takes a lot of memories...but oh well. A 1T external hard dirve is only $60.
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