Hey guys,

I put an order in for a custom Jackson Rhoads a few months ago, and I originally listed the neck finish as poly (to match the rest of the guitar) but since then I've tried a few guitars with an oiled neck. I think it's mainly gunstock oil I've tried, if that makes much of a difference.

Anyway, I tried these oiled necks and REALLY liked them, and after checking it's possible with Jackson, I'm considering changing my order to give the Rhoads an oiled neck. The biggest thing stopping me is that I'm just concerned about maintenance of it.

Is it any extra work to maintain an oiled neck? I'm pretty sure with poly you can just polish/rub it down if it gets dirty of gummed up or whatever, but I have no idea if you can do the same with oil finishes. I heard from a local tech that to get dirt out of an oiled neck you sometimes need fine wire wool, really not something I want to have to do at some point in the future!

What about dirt working its way into the wood? Does this happen easily/often? Is it difficult to get out?

I know these seem like really anal questions, but I'm one of those weirdos who worries about keeping their guitars in mint condition.

Sorry for the massive post!
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