I have in my possession an old 3/4 sized children's acoustic guitar. When I got it, the glue holding the neck in place seemed to be wearing off, causing the neck to warp (and the action to rise considerably). It's gotten quite worse lately, so i'd like to fix it before the neck completely snaps. I just don't know how to go about it. Is this something that should be done by a professional in store? what type of glue should i use? thanks for any help
Well, first you have to decide if the instrument is worth it. Lots of "youth" instruments are made like kid's clothing....Knowing that the child will rapidly outgrow them.
So, not the best quality.
If it's just a case where the glue is failing, it may be that some carefully-applied Titebond will take care of it.
However, the problem is going to be getting enough glueing surface without completely removing the neck... Which is involved.
I can almost guarantee that the repair price by a pro would considerably exceed the value of the instrument.
Unless of course, it's a 30s Gibson or something.
if given the choice between fixing that one or buying a new First Act childrens guitar, i'd get the new one every time.
if the guitar has sentimental value to you, a little cosmetic work and a wall mount would be your best option. like bikewer said... a $50 childrens guitar just isn't worth the repair costs.
( nice simile by the way bikey !...childrens clothes... i'll have to remember that one)
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)