Hi! can someone recommend a good drum machine? I'm using Hydrogen at the moment but I'm not happy with the sound of the drum samples... thank you!
Have you tried searching for other sound banks within Hydrogen? Some of them are pretty good. Otherwise Sennheiser DrumMic'A is also free and really good as long as you have a DAW to use it in (It doesn't run standalone).
Toontrack has quite a good reputation from what I've heard, im yet to try it out for myself yet but I've heard goo things
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@chatterbox: yes, I've basically tried every sound in the sound bank but I didn't like them too much...
@chemicalfire: hm, around 30$ maybe?

thank you!
Stick to the free ones you find online.

Up for kontakt and drummic'a.

Wait you're just unsatisfied with the samples.
Find some free samples, import them in hydrogen and you're on it.
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