So, in an effort to try and get better I'm trying to record some audio clips. The plan is to figure out how to get some backing tracks in there & play alongside.

Initially I tried recording with Garage Band but the sound was thin and distant in matter how close I out the mic. Weird. I thought it was the fact that the Blue Yeti was a USB mic & it just wasn't powerful enough to record electric guitars.

I did some YouTube research and came across some dude getting decent to very good tones and mixes w/ the BY.

I decided to give it another go with Reaper. Downloading & installing were a breeze. I watched some YouTube vids & got setup quickly. I recorded my warm up riffs with the mic about 3 feet away. The first thing I noticed was that after I finished recording, I couldn't get the track to play back. It took me a few minutes to realize that I had to go back into
settings & change the output. Is that normal? In GB it allows you to record and hear playback without having to switch the settings. It's not a deal breaker but kinda've a pain. Am I missing something?

Anyway, here's an image of the setup. If I can get some usable sounds I will continue to use it until I get better.

And here's the clip. I have no idea how to process anything so it's straight out of amp.


I gotta work on my tone in the lead channel. I like the clean and pull crunch but the lead is tough to dial in.