I've only been playing for a few weeks but in time I'd like to build up a collection of music. I consider myself to be kind of geeky so having the option to put a tablet on a stand and have instant access to just about any song is appealing. The thing is, I don't have a tablet.

I'm also considering printing out my stuff and then organizing them in a 3 ring binder.

Any ideas or suggestions?
Maybe you could be interested in a laptop? It's what I do because I write music time to time and softwares like guitarpro are very useful as it's a good tool to play along too.
i'd recommend just printing things. its so much easier to jot down notes on your music that way.
I've used my iPad for about a year now as for having my sheet music stored, i have used it at a lot of gigs aswell, i really enjoy it and find it convenient.

You can easily make notes in it just as on paper, if you have a stylus pen. (Which i have attached to my iPad case)

If you just run the app for looking at your music it lasts forever aswell.

I have even gone so far as to get a bluetooth foot-pedal to be able to turn the page on it.

Overall i would say that if you are going to use it for other stuff aswell it's worth getting, it's more of a convenience then anything else, so getting it solely for sheet music might be a bad idea. I use mine for watching media, sheet music, learning songs by ear (i have a slow downer app on it) and taking notes in college during lectures.

That's my experience, hope that was helpful.
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I find aetablet screen very annoying in dim lighting. I much prefer reading from paper, with a lamp if needed.
Tablets are great unless you like to, and need to see, a lot of markings so if you don't plan on writing notes in your music then tablets are fantastic.
I had accumulated numerous songs scribbled on a gazillion pages stored in many notebooks. After getting an Android tablet, I found it beneficial to go modern and digitize all of the good stuff. (now my friends don't complain about my handwriting, I can share the songs ahead of time for anyone else showing up via email, etc). Make sure you figure out a digital format that works for you before doing a lot of typing if you go that route (I originally used Word, then switched to LibreOffice and dump out as PDF).

You can put a tablet on a music stand (or a special ipod mount if you like). Be sure to have it charged! (which isn't an issue with the notebooks).
Honestly, I prefer writing my stuff out by hand (I'm an old-fashioned sod), so I use a binder to store my musics.
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does anyone have experience of using UG with a tablet? I am looking for views on the basic practicalities such as Are there any problems with scrolling? What other formats are there other than UG? I have seen some talk of foot switches, how do they work etc. I there an idiots guide on the web?
I've used the Cicada as a bluetooth page flipper. I forgot to mention that. It works well. It takes some getting used to because of timing of how it responds. I hate trying to move a page while playing. The Cicada works with both PCs and tablets. I think you can set it so that it sends certain line or page commands. Also, if you hold the pedal down, it keeps sending the command, etc.