Got a few different styles I've been experimenting with, recently I've decided to actually sing chick songs because I am a chick and managed to find some doomier grooves I actually enjoy with a female vocalist.

I think they sound decent, but I'm still learning. The first links are newer, the others are from a month or two ago. I've been working hard on controlling my vibrato. If you could take a listen and tell me what parts are good, what's bad, advice in general, I'd really appreciate it! I know I would benefit from a vocal coach but don't have the money so whatever free help is there, I'd like it.


Jex Thoth- Stone Evil

Jex Thoth- Obsidian Night

Jex Thoth- Seperated at Birth

Iced Earth- Damien (See note on link)

Freestyle over Testament- Last Call (Originally Instrumental)
Oh just a heads up I don't know a thing about using audacity, so these are basically microphone... create track... record... export... upload to soundcloud. I'm slowly learning that this information may be relevant.