Hi, I've just ordered an unloaded 2x12 Roadkill cab to use as an extension cab for my (40 watt) Marshall dsl combo. ]

The speakers I am planning to put in are a celestion V30 (60 watts) and a g12H (30 watts).

I know they'll be able to handle the wattage of the combo but I am planning to upgrade to a 50 watt JMP head soon, so will that be too powerful for the G12H? 25 watts going to a 30watt speaker?
Cheers, David
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Are you aware that your cab will be 60 watts? Both of your speakers will be 30 watts, because the power of the cab is: amount of speakers X power of the weakest one.

In your situation: 2 (speakers) X 30 watts = 60 watts.
You will be fine, I use a JCM2000 DSL100 with a 100 watt 2x12 cab some times with no issues.

You can get a Celestion 75 watt creamback, this is a 75 watt G12h30 so you would have a 120 watt cab. WGS also makes the Reaper HP which is a 50 watt G12h30 type speaker.

I have the Reaper HP and an Eminence GB128 (50 watt greenback type speaker) in a 2x12. They sound great together
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don't quote me on this, but it most likely should be fine- celestions (at least the better models) have the rep of being very conservatively-rated. If you really cared you could get the creamback as robb suggested, but even as is it'll likely be fine. But with the creamback you'd be ok if you decided to get a 100 watt amp, too.

up to you, really. I haven't tried the creamback so dunno how close it is to the g12h30.
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