yeah but i think because the deluxe body has a strat neck on it as standard, then the tele neck from the custom might not fit?
hmm...not sure how to help then. do you have both in your possession? then you can just try it out
Call me Kerouac
nah, i want to get a HH tele, but i think the strat headstock on the deluxe looks stupid and would want to change it xD
i have a Washburn HH tele from the 80s that kicks ass but I'm sure that there's some neck out there that will do the trick
Call me Kerouac
I kind of had a similar problem this summer. I traded my friend a Deryck Whibley signature for a Squire Butterscotch Tele, 3 pedals and a set of EMG's on one condition that we swap out necks because I hate Tele Necks. Nothing doing I could put the Whibley in the Butterscotch pocket fine, but couldn't put the tele neck in the Whibley. Basicly like when you were a kid and trying to put a square peg in a round hole. The Tele had a square end on the heel and the whibley had a round end. So I sold the Tele neck and bought a loaded left handed strat neck for my Reli-Teli.