Would it be worth it to put a SD Little 59 pickup on an Am. Std. Tele (I think 2009 model)?
I've had it since '10 but I'm thinking it's time to change it up a little and I thought why not change pickups and maybe an inverted black control plate or something...
I run my guitars through a Laney GC-something (I think GC30) and I have an OCD pedal among others.
The sound that I'm going for is Appetite-era GN'R or Velvet Revolver...but i want to play some country on it too...
What yall think? Good idea? Bad Idea? Won't change much? Also, what impact will it have on the value of my guitar?

Any other mods that might be worthwhile?
Call me Kerouac
I had a Lil '59 in an old Am. Strat of mine. I was really underwhelmed by it, honestly. For what you're looking at, if you wanted to stick with the SD pricerange and sound I'd recommend the Hotrails.