What's up guys, I recorded the audio then the video so it doesn't always line up, but it's not too bad. This is definitely one of their finer works, though still a pitch to blay lol.
Anyways, hit me up with your stuff and I'll check it out, it's all about that c4c.

I hadn't heard this song before, but that was some tight playing bro! Good right hand technique on the chugging/palm muting. Nice tone as well and good job on the solo, the timing and execution were great. Just a tip I could give is that your vibrato is a bit "shaky" and slowing it down/making it more of a wide movement will take the jittery feel out of soloing and relax you as a player. Good job dude! I enjoyed listening to it By the way, how do you like the response of those hot rails?
Hey man, thanks for checking out mine! Never heard of revocation, but they sound awesome! I liked your use of downpicking, not many people do that on here, and for some rhythms thats the only way to get it to sound good. Everything seemed really smooth. Is that guitar a squier strat? IF so, what kind of pickups do u have in it? It had a pretty awesome tone, those couldnt have possibly been stock, right? Overall great job man!
Thanks for your Crit on my cover!
Really loved the cover mate, I never heard of the band as I'm not that much into metal, but the playing was spot on and your technique seems very good.
I really don't see any faults other then the ones you already pointed out in the OP with the recording/video
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its my first time to hear about this band ... anyway ur cover was really tight !!
amazzzing tone . what do u use to record !!?
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Cheers \m/ \m/
nice cover dude great work. cdnt see anything wrong with though i must say i havent heard this song before but still kudos! btw are those custom pickups? how did u get that tone?
hey thanks yall for the support

@Maverick I love those pickups and they're the only reason I play this guitar! otherwise the neck is all bent screwing up my intonation and stuff. they're seymour duncans btw

@awesomo yeah its a squier strat with seymour duncans on it. I also play through a vox vt20+ which is great if you wanna get a heavy, organic and tube amp sound.

@bjarne thanks for thanks i guess lol

@onemetalhead I used audacity on this one to go a little faster. @danyal My guitar is a squier with syemour duncans and a vox vt20+
My first thought was that your tone is like a nice croissant - warm and crunchy. lol

Honestly, the only thing I can point out is that you could tighten up your chugs a little bit in a few parts, but considering the amount of string skipping and how much you're jumping up and down the neck, I think that's entirely forgivable. :P

Nicely done, man!
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I don't know the original but this is sick! That chuggin' <3

Seriously impressive playing, really nice work! The solo was incred too!!!!!
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