Useless text: Ok, I've been playing guitar for about...2 years now I believe. This christmas I got a new guitar "Charvel desolation dx-1 fr" I am clearly happy and satisfied with the guitar! I am using a Vox AD30VT amplifier, (boss tuning pedal really doesnt matter at all) and an Akai distortion pedal because i dont like the distortion from my amplifier at all!

I've always been inspired by John Petrucci from Dream Theater because..actually I don't know why, he seems cool! ....yeah...

Whatever amp settings have always been a problem, I have a decent clean channel I almost always use, a pretty nice crunch one as well and a great distortion setting i most often use...but they fit like 5 songs (LOL). However I know what treble, mid and bass kind of do. However I know my amp but I still find it hard to get that "one" sound for that "one" song!

Tips and tricks and whatnot how to get better with amp settings? I wanna listen to (For instance): Foo fighters - The pretender, how do i get this clean sound? How do i do to get that distortion sound?

Please help me!
"Amp settings threads" are frowned upon, but I guess this doesn't really fit the bill that most of those sort of threads do, since you're looking for help with setting up the amp in general.

Really just set all of your EQ knobs to 12 o'clock for a semi-flat response and tweak from there to your taste, that's pretty much all there is to it. You can add boost/OD pedals to your chain if you want to push your amp a bit harder for some nicer grit, but everyone is gonna get a different sound so it's all up to you.

Edit: In response to your Fooeys specific question:

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The unsatisfying answer to this question is that you have to figure it out for yourself through experience. There's really no substitute.

The other unsatisfying answer is that you're never going to nail every tone you hear, especially through one single amp. You're going to come across tons of sounds that came about through thousands of dollars of amps, microphones, effects, and then dozens of hours of studio manipulation. There is just no way you can recreate that with the controls on your amp, no matter how good it is at modeling or how good you are at tweaking.

Experiment, tweak, do what you can, but there's no secret shortcut here. Just keep trying things and remember or write down what works, and don't get too bogged down in trying to recreate tones exactly.