Hey all,

So I have a Blues Deluxe amp but it is too loud while others are at home, but I have recently bought a boss RC-3 in order to practice which is working really well. They are awesome pedals!!

But what I would like to do is play my guitar through the loop pedal into some headphones..... I have been researching some options but need help deciding what would be best.

Do I :

- Buy a Amplug by Vox or something similar? Would this work alright?
- Buy just a headphone amp?
- Or buy something like a POD, where for my money I will end up getting a unit which will aid me in other ways too....

If anyone has any other ideas that would be fantastic.


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i just plug my amp into a computer and either use computer speakers or headphones
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Most multi effects pedals would be enough for this. I like my Zoom G3 - good effects, decent amp sims and a built in looper & drum machine.

If you go the computer route, make sure you head over to the recordings forum & read the Interfaces sticky.
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Hmmmmm I like your thoughts, I would like to use what I already have so the looper in the RC-3 is enough on that front. I am feeling that a POD or something similar might be money better spent, it might add something else to my gear which I have not thought about previously.

I do not really need anything too portable, what do you guys think? Is the POD a winner or should I consider other options?
I already have the loop pedal, it is some kind of headphone amp that I am after...

Any thoughts?