hi, after setting my strat up the frets buzzed from 12-18 on all strings. i decided to take it into the store and get them to look at it. i ended up paying $40 for a pro setup.

it still buzzes and annoys the f*** out of me. my action is set way too high for my liking
(3mm at 17th) and i just cant play it. i will sell it if i cant find a solution.

I would take it back to the tech and tell him you are still getting fret buzz. He should fix the issue for free.

If he can't fix it he should be able to identify the issue. You may have some frets that need to be filed down, or something along those lines.
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Do you only hear it acoustically or when you play through an amp as well? And obv go back if they didn't fix it...
yeah i probably will take it back, i cant hear it through an amp but i can still feel it under my fingers and it annoys me knowing that its there
Yea.. Definitely take it back... It's fairly normal to get a little fret buzz that you won't hear through the amp, especially if you have a heavy attack, but it shouldn't be as bad as you're describing. if he can't fix it, get your money back, and go find someone that knows what they're doing...

As always.. JMHO
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Find a good independent tech. Don't take it "to the store." And when you're leaving play that thing and tell him to fix it if you don't like it.
like said, i would take it back in and work with the tech on pointing out the issue.

make sure he plays it for you at the store.

if he's useless, it's time for you to check out the setup thread, first page, look over the steps on how to adjust after a setup.

if it's dead or buzzing after one fret, and it's throwing the whole setup off, check the fret, like said. ^
if there's no one who can work on frets in your area,
you might need to read up on fret work.

also, if the buzz wasnt that bad before the change, make sure you are using factory size string gauge.
if nothing else is helping with that fret.

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well...take it back to the dude becuase he probably tweek the neck rod
My strat has the adjusting thing of ma loo under the plastic pick up mount.lol

You dont really wanna mess with the neck rod if you dont know what you're
doing becuase you'll warp the heck out of it.
It's a pain with a strat obviously becuase you have to make little adjustments as
you go.