Hi everyone, I know this question has been probably been asked here before but I cant find an answer, I am recording with a TASCAM US 122MKII and recording directly from my amp to the interface and then into my laptop. I keep getting really annoying popping and clicking noises and it totally ruins the song, I have ableton live 9 as well and I get they same problems there what causes this? How do I fix this problem? Should I change something in audacity settings? Like the "audio to buffer" or the "latency correction" Please help!
To be clear, where are the pops and clicks coming from? Is it a case that you know the sound is going through the amp and Tascam OK? (can you use headphones on the tascam and confirm there's no sounds there?).

If the sound is clear coming into the PC, but audacity is messing up, then it could be something like dropouts. Are you using ASIO drivers for you PC interface? Are you hitting the PC levels too hard (maybe try backing off the levels in the tascam).

But first make sure you know what the last good step was in your signal chain...
Hi thanks very much for the reply, I was testing the tascam interface today and when I recorded with a mic and just talked there was no popping or clicking noises and when I play my guitar through the tascam there is no clicking or popping noises only when I record it and play it back I hear it, it is driving me nuts do you have any ideas how to fix this? I even turned the input volume almost as low as it would go on the tascam and I still got the noises! Please help
When you're recording in audacity, do you have the PC speakers on? Do you hear the pops then? Also, can you run the sound through tascam and through the PC and hear it OK (with audacity not even running)?

I'm leaning towards it being a dropout in audacity, guessing without all the data. It's been a while since I recorded with audacity - maybe you can reduce the resolution in bits of the wave that you're capturing or the sampling rate. If backing off on the quality gets rid of the pops, then you'd know it's a performance issue - that is you're asking your PC to do too much processing. If that's the case, you either need a better PC, better drivers (google asio4all or search for it here in the forum) or make sure you don't have other things running on your PC at the same time (web browser, backups, virus scanner checking your wave files etc).
yeah...get asio4all. you dont need it but it helps incase you cant get the lagtime down.
You need to change the buffering or Hrz.

It's been a while since i used audacity. I was having lagtime time problems.
Im pretty sure it was just the ASOI or sound card not being in sync.
asio4all would probably cured it.

You also might try lowering the external mic input level on the PC.
You might all try isolating the PC or LT. Set it away from the speakers.
If I tap on my laptop...it'll create noise.lol

Make sure you know where the mic/speaker default setting is at on your PC
becuase when you adjust the settings in asio4all other stuff wont work such
as the window media. A simple click of a button resets it.

I have a tascam....can you tell me whats the Voltage rating is on the power transformer.
I lost the power thing of ma roo.
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Hi thanks for the reply, how do I run ASIO for all with audacity? I called my music store long n mcquade about my problem I asked if I could exchange my interface for another but he said what ever interface I have I will still have the same problem he said the pops might be because of latency or ping or some thing, how do I change that and what do I change it to? thanks so much for your help
I haven't used asio4all in a while, but just read the stuff on the net. Essentially, your PC doesn't know anything about the sound card. It has these software drivers that do the interfacing to a sound card. The default ones (probably from Microsoft) are known to be crap when you're trying to do real recording (instead of listening to mp3's or talk on skype). These asio4all drivers are better quality (and free) and replace the default ones and give you a better chance of doing recording on your PC. Audacity runs on Microsoft so MS will will interact with the audio card via ASIO.

If you were to buy a new PC interface card (like an external one that uses USB or Firewire) then it would likely come with its own new drivers and likely they would already be ASIO type.
I just did another test, instead of plugging my guitar into >amp>interface>laptop i just record with a shure sm57 to interface>laptop the popping was there but not nearly as much it seemed to help a little bit but the track was still ruined, also do you think plugging your guitar directly into your interface looses quality? thanks for your help guys.
Asio4all automatically install into your pc. It'll just give you another option to adjust your
sound card. It's an upgrade from Asio.
I use all kinds of guitar interphase. All my PC has diffent sound cards in them.lol
I have different PC recorders that i can just record with...drop in whatever vst without
any problems.

Im currently messing around with VSTHost. It's free. You can also download Asio4all from there.
I couldnt fire it up before...but I learned from using other interphase about adjusting
the buffing...ect. Of course i dont read instructions.hahaaa
I simply just adjust vsthost DEVICE. It came alive...then I simply adjusted it more
to get rid of the lagtime. My laptop didnt require I use asio4all...but the options for it comes
My next step is to hook it up to audacity or know how to hook it up...so I can help
people that wants to get into music or recording that dont have lots of money.

On 1 of my guitar interphase. It asked me to lower the mic volume to get rid
of crazy poping noise. To run that interphase I have to set the level to 35.
I also have to use Asoi4all for this interphase to get rid of the lagtime.

Thats becuase all my PC are 64bit now too. A lot people had problems with Window7 and 8
Thats why asio4all came out.

When you first load vsthost...none of it are mapped out.lol
Just click DEVICES at the table on top.
Then you have to set the mic and speakers.
Then you have to change the sample rates and buffing.
Yes, that's what I mean by lagtime...the latency

i just loaed audacity. it's in the edit table. At the botton of that menu.
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