Hello everyone,

This is my first post, but now that I've registered you'll probably see me lurking around the forums from time to time.

Five or six years ago I took formal guitar lessons, but practiced little after them. About a year ago I discovered finger picking/fingerstyle and it became the only type of guitar I practice regularly. When I first picked up fingerstyle I was quite rusty, and cheated by anchoring my pinky on the guitar to keep my fingers in position. As my skill level rises my anchoring habit is becoming increasingly troublesome when playing more complex songs.

I've begun to practice with my right hand free, but when playing faster songs (Classical Gas for example) my pinky wanders to the body of the guitar.

Any suggestions on how to overcome this?

Thanks for any suggestions!

(Steel string Yamaha FG-331 for those interested)
Put your thumb on the string above the ones you are finger picking and keep moving it as necessary. But the best thing you can do is retrain your finger picking technique from the beginning. Do it properly and slowly.
mama told me that if i keeo doing the same thing alone in my room, i'd go blind !!!!
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I wouldn't worry too much about using your pinky to anchor - it was commonplace to do that in historic times.

I fingerpick just about exclusively on all my guitars and I often use the pinky to anchor.