Hello everybody, I am 16 and I have started a black metal solo project not too long ago, I have written some demo songs on guitar pro 6. I posted them to soundcloud and I received a lot of positive feedback and quite a bit of favorites, but I think most of the time the people on soundcloud are almost too nice when it comes to feedback on music so it's hard to tell how many people really enjoy it. I would really appreciate it if you guys could listen to some of my demo songs and give me your honest opinions on what you guys think.
Please note that I have changed some things already on some of the songs but I just haven't posted the changes. Although the majority of the changes were on "woods of nocturne" and the end of " all consuming darkness ".

I'm much more curious as to where on earth you posted these things to get that many hits.

The writing isn't terrible but a lot of it doesn't sound black metal. Ditch GP6 ASAP and start recording, it will sound much more authentic.