I'm interested in buying a new charvel San dimas or SoCal. It will be my first floyd rose equipped axe. From what I've been reading the original made in Germany floyd is the best one. I notice charvel says its a original and also a special on there website. I'm confused does anyone actually know if the newer charvels have original or special floyd roses? And if it's the original is it made in Germany or is it a non German original? I'm not a fan of buying twice I'd perfer to buy it right from the start. I'm pretty set on making sure whatever axe I get has a German made Floyd. Thanks any info much appreciated!
They probably use different Floyd models depending on the guitar. The more expensive the guitar is, the higher quality the parts are.
They are not German made Floyds on these guitars. They are most likely Korean made by a company called Ping. However, I would not let this deter you from buying one of these instruments. The Korean Floyds are still very good trems and will hold up for a long time. They are of the same design as a Floyd Rose original. I have one on my Stratocaster and it works perfectly fine. The Charvels themselves are fantastic guitars as a whole, you can't really go wrong with them.
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Pretty much all mass produced guitars below $2,500 with Original Floyd Roses nowadays are not going to have the German made ones. They are going to have the Korean OFR's. So I can guarantee you that the Charvel does not have a German one. IMO the Korean ones are top notch bridges and I wouldn't second guess them for a second.
Do you know if jackson uses German ones in USA models? I was looking into them as well, big price difference Though from the charvel.
Those are most likely OFRs, German made. But as you said those guitars are far more expensive, you're talking a couple thousand dollars. I think that's a lot if all you're looking at is the bridge...
Dude DO NOT let the bridge deter you from buying a San Dimas. I played one this past Monday and fell in love. It was a red one and this finish was impeccable. Awesome grain on the neck and it was smooth and played awesome, even for a hack like me. The SD pups in it are smoking. Of course, you probably know how awesome they are anyway. Just a little out of my price range now or else I would seriously consider picking one up.
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I personally think jackson are slightly overpriced but I've always wanted one so. Charvel is more bang for buck in that aspect. 900 vs 2300$ Yea big difference. I'm just looking to purchase a guitar I'll keep for a long time. I really wanted something USA or Japan made but neither company make any here unless you spend 2k plus. I should have bought a charvel a few years back when they were 900$ and USA made.
They're still great guitars. I mean really, really good. If you buy one I bet you'll keep it for a long time and trust me that floyd isn't going to let you down. Don't get hung up on where it is made, those Charvels are quality instruments.
Yea I try not to get hung up but I know I'm not the only one. It's a mental thing knowing it's made in USA or Japan. I feel like deep down I'll never be satisfied unless I get the model I really want. So with that in mind I don't know if I'm willing to buy something cheaper just because. I'd rather come up with the extra cash and buy what I really want the first time around. I've done this in the past and than sold it for half to buy originally what I wanted.
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How good does the non German original floyd stay in tune and how we'll does it take string bends? I read complaints about these on cheaper Floyd's not that this is the cheapest model but just curious.
My Floyd has never given me any problems, and I have found many others who say the same thing. They're very reliable and work well. Never experienced any kind of tuning issues. I'll put it to you this way: the Korean Ping trems are the only licensed Floyds that are allowed to be stamped with "Floyd Rose" on them. That ought to tell you something.
They have the special, I think. Never tried one, but I've heard some horror stories.
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I had a Korean made Fender Showmaster about 10 years ago now. It had the SD JB and 59, which I think is the same pups the San Dimas has. It sounded really good. Considering the San Dimas has the same or similar, that is very enticing to me. I wouldn't worry about the Floyd really staying in tune. I only really used the Floyd on one guitar I've had that was equipped with it, and that was he aforementioned Showmaster. I had to give it a good beating to notice any problems with tuning, and I'm not the type to do that, so it wasn't an issue for me.

So just a question to the OP here... The pups in the San Dimas don't strike me as the pups you would really use if you were playing music that needed you beat up a whammy like it owes you money... Just something to think about if it really is the guitar for you.
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