Haven't heard much talk about playing through coaxials, so this could turn out to be a dumb question. I've been trying to find the best live amp/speaker solution for Guitar Rig 5 and was thinking about making a 2x12 cab with coaxial speakers--specifically a pair of Celestion TF122CX's. I posted a while back and did some other research, and the general consensus is that FRFR speakers are your best bet for any type of cab sim and effect processors (AxeFX, POD, Guitar Rig). I've been playing through PA systems on gigs, but I want an amp set up with Guitar Rig for jamming. A coaxial would have the tweeter and woofer built in to the speaker itself, am I right? So, would it make sense to play through a pair of coaxials and expect same outcome of playing through a PA's FRFR speakers?
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Your question piqued my curiosity so I did some very quick research. The answer to your question is: "Only if your coaxial speakers are FRFR."

As I understand it, guitar cabinet drivers generally have a frequency range of roughly 75-5000Hz. This obviously colours the signal somewhat (in a way we guitarists like, or have been conditioned to like). Cab modelling software reproduces this colouring, adding and removing the various harmonics to your signal, so you don't want to do it all again by pushing that signal through another guitar cab. In order to get the best reproduction of the simulated signal (or any audio for that matter) you should be aiming for a "full frequency, flat response" (FRFR).

The TF1225CX range is stated at 40-18000Hz, which is considerably wider than a standard guitar cab speaker. Whether the difference between coaxial and separate drivers is noticable is probably more down to personal opinion.

TL;DR: FRFR is more important than coax for faithful reproduction.
It's pointless to put TWO Coaxial speakers in a cabinet -- you've just completely defeated the purpose of a coaxial speaker, which to have all sound coming from a single source, eliminating comb filtering, phase problems, etc.

Atomic amps has a very strong coaxial speaker-in-a-cabinet (the CLR) that's designed specifically for modeler use (Atomic and Fractal are partners). There are both active and passive versions (the active version has a built in 500W amp): http://www.atomicamps.com/
Thanks for both of your responses. I'm still a newb when it comes to these things

Dspellman, could I not use 2 speakers for a stereo set up?
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