Hey there!

First post here, long time reader. New member and new to forums in genera--so I hope I'm not breaking any rules.

Just curious if anyone else's HT METAL pedal's tube flashes at startup (i.e., when power is applied). The tube and lights flash for a few seconds as if it's warming up.

After that, it's good to go. The DistX does not do this. I just want to make sure this brand new pedal isn't breaking down on me!

I keep the amp off while this flashing is going on as it loses signal and pops in the speakers otherwise.

Anyways, after about 5 seconds it's good to go. I know some tubes take time to warm up, but the Hybrid pedals too? Again, I know the DistX doesn't!

On a side note, both the DistX and Metal sound great in my opinion. Even in front of SS rigs. Lots of tone shaping with the pedals and amps onboard EQ.

Thanks for any help!
Rock on