Sup guys,
Basically a while back i dug my mums acoustic out from the garage, its a landola branded guitar.
The tuning issue comes in when i try to tune to standard, the guitar physically won't do it :/
The strings are new brass acoustics by martin, and the guitar does have a trussrod i'm not rocking a classical xD so its neither of those issues. The scale length is standard dread ought, the strings are stabley fitted so its not that, its just feels like there is wayy too muh tension on the neck that it cant tune any higher.

My main two theories are
A)the truss rod has split
B)the tuners are so old they need to be replaced

Anybody able to clast a light over the situation?
How high can you tune it before you encounter the problems you describe?
Are you using a tuner or an online tuning device? It's possible you're tuning to the wrong octave, or just too high if you're guessing.
If the truss rod is broken, attempting to adjust it would normally result in the adjustable end just spinning. If applying torque to the adjustable end makes it get tighter or looser...It's not broken.

Is the neck reasonably straight? Again, if so, likely the guitar is mechanically OK.

There could be any number of other things wrong; take it in to a shop and have a tech give it a quick look-over.
So yeh it tunes to about d standard before it reaches normal tension. I use a number of chromatic tuning devices, from apps to clip on.
I'm pretty good with tech work if i say so myself, thats why it confuses me, the neck seems relitavly well adjusted, if not a little over bowed for common setup, but that should affect the string tension like a shorter scale length. The adjuster actually moves... Not easily and actually barely at all from one quarter rotation, it seems to do nothing, thats why i'm suggesting a truss issue, i don't adjust necks often as most guitars i encounter dont require it. Thing is, everything else works fine? The intonation is all adjusted for the neck bow so the strings are in the right place, i'm thinking replacing the strings with nines from 11's to see how the tension is accommodated, my theory is though, they wouldnt make it past D either without snapping

Any additions, sorry for replying late, i half expected email notifications xD