I've actually had this since Christmas Eve. However I wanted to leave it before I did a thread so I can give some accurate information about it. Some of you have seen and heard this already but I haven't done a NGD yet, so yeah.

Kossoff's a massive influence on my playing. If you have read any of my posts, you'll notice they usually include me fan girling over Kossoff. I'm gunna keep that to a minimum in this thread. Or try. To the git!

It's a (you guessed it) Paul Kossoff VOS Les Paul. And it blows anything I've ever played out the water. Even my beloved Standard Faded Les Paul. I hate it when you hear adverts say "buy this, it'll make you sound like Slash". No. It won't. Or very rarely does. However, the Koss, sounds like the Koss. I plugged into my Vintage Modern and started playing Mr Big. The tone was just there. I only turned the amp on, didn't mess the settings. Very bluesy with a slight but definite grit to the sound. It's very warm. There's quite a bit of low end to the sound, but it's not muddy. I've never found the guitar is too bright. I always have the tone controls on 10. It's got a lot of honk, quite a nasally tone, especially in the bridge. It handles gain quite well too. However, for stuff with more gain, I use my Standard Faded. As I said, the Koss is a blues guitar, through and through.

Exceptionally well made, as you'd expect from a guitar like this. The tuners are slightly aged and there was some very slight buckle rash on the back. The tuners were obviously aged by Gibson, the buckle rash, I'm not sure as this guitar was second hand. There are marks from where Kossoff's old tuners were. A nice touch. Another, which I didn't notice until yesterday, the tuners are ever so slightly wonky as they are o the Kossoff's. Another nice detail. I don't quite understand the ageing, as this is a VOS model and nothing else is aged. But what the hell, it doesn't bother me. The guitar is very light weight, only slightly heavier than my Standard Faded which is chambered. The Koss is solid. The flame top matches Kossoff's very well, I think. The rosewood board feels very smooth and is pretty dark. The neck, is not what I was expecting. It's thinner than the half-a-baseball-bat kinda thing I was expecting.

To own this guitar, an exact recreation of (one of, it's a bit hazy) Kossoff's main guitars is amazing. Here's some pictures and a video of the guitar.


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Its a Les Paul and it's fking sexy! Very sexy... hmmm

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That is one hell of a guitar you have there. Beautiful. HNGD!

I have no idea what a Kossoff is, though.
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Holly shit, that's such a nice guitar . I bet you got chicks pants dropping instantly with that!
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I think someone graffiti'd on your guitar case though
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That is one hell of a guitar you have there. Beautiful. HNGD!

I have no idea what a Kossoff is, though.

Yes, what exactly is a Kossoff?
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that is an incredible top. holy hell.

sorry but i think that tuner aging looks horrid. really, thats some BS looking fake aging imo.
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Sexy, that's a super nice top on that LP dude.

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