Hi there. I am looking for a place that makes custom guitars with the kind of body as the Gibson ES-175. And they should ship worldwide.

Best regards, jazzlp
Try Robert at www.rmolsonguitars.com. He sells finished guitars and kits of excellent quality.
My Vintage Custom ES-175 kit build up is posted at www.realmusiciansforum.com as well as other 175, 335 guitar kit builds. I don't know if he has any ES-175 kits left, or if he sells finished 175's, but there might be one.
You might try to build your own custom ES-175. Good luck.
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carvin is the best commercial custom shop I can think of. sure one of the indie luthiers could do a real great personalized job, but I doubt many are as affordable as carvin and have such a wide range of customization. carvin international dealing is sometimes a butthole though. things are much more expensive on the worldwide site.
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Thank you very much. I´ll consider. I´ll let you know what i think if i decide to get one.