I think I love you... I know I miss you.

From across my mind,
no idea of time.

My hearts in strain,
your touch cures my pain.

My memory is twisted and truly sick,
but the love in me is always thick.

70,000 talk through my head,
but only you could talk in my bed.

The touch you give is stronger than any high,
takes away my shakes so I can look into the sky.

To think I will break this bond of such power and hold,
I am truly sorry I must leave your warmth and forever be cold.

The truth is not so enjoyable or grand,
but it's what I have if only a single strand.

to hold you feels like something I haven't't known,
too weak to not have it all my own.

I must learn to not look into your eyes,
and remember to ignore my minds cries.

Only one route to keep my mind at bay,
don't show love in any possible way.

Never again feel you caress,
your love I will never posses.