found a few for sale locally...both the 2 and 3 models and wanted feedback from those who have played them

I'm only playing in my apartment..and play mostly on the dirty channel... how is the distortion?

stuff I'm into: Alice in chains...tool....avenged sevenfold

another good thing is that it had the effects loop for my pedals

did a search on the web but didn't come up with much

any feedback appreciated

Reasonably decent, pretty well built and not horrible sounding.

Better than most practice amps, and good 'enough' to gig with, at least to start.

Best thing about them is they are CHEAP. I suspect that's because of the 'Spider' tarnish that L6 gear has.
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I never played on one because the gc by me had one and it was already dead. They sound pretty good in the videos though.
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For your situation, the Flextone would be decent for sure. I had an AX212 for 5 years (& have played a couple Flextones), & it sounded great at low volumes, but once you turn it up to some real volume, it gets pretty thin--sort of 2-dimensional & ice-picky, which is why I got rid of mine. If you're thinking of doing anything bigger than a coffee shop gig or something, I'd stay clear, but for bedroom playing, they're hard to beat for versatility.

Edit: BTW, the distortion available on some of the channels is crazy. Again, it sounds pretty good at bedroom volumes.
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I love my flextone 3 xl the brit800 channel is worth the price of admission
Have used and continue to use my old Flextone 2 head for a while now. It's been a great amp, reliable and good consistent tone and the floorboard makes it great for gigs. Bought the head and board both from GC for $200.00. It's old technology compared to what line 6 offers now but still holds up on he road. I think though I'm going to be moving to the direct route of a Pod HD500 for gigs but for bedroom practice you will so fine.
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