I'm trying to record a blues progression:

E7, A7, B7

Problem is, playing those sound really muddy; the notes of chords clash with each other and just sound like noise.

Is there a recording trick to make them sound more clean? Maybe I should be using less distortion?

I want to preserve the 7th sound, but have a little crunch on it.


EDIT: I should note that I am playing these in the first position.
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Here are Spambot_2's rules to clarity in guitar sound, from what you should do first.
You may not follow all the rules if you achieve what you want at a certain point.

1. Lower the gain. A lot. By a third or more.
2. Double track the thing. Do it good.
3. **** compression.
4. Cut the bass, 12 to 24db x octave below 150Hz, and set the remaining to mono.
5. Raise the mids a bit.
6. Use medium to low output humbuckers.
7. Get a better amp. VH4s are as clear as ****. bx_rockrack or metal amp room may work, too.
8. Lower the gain more.
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