I could buy a 20 year old Solid State peavey bandit 112 (100W) for around 60 euro.

What do you guy's think? Great deal, too big of a gamble or still a bit too much money.

What are the disadvantages of an old SS amp?


For 60 euros I think its definetly worth it if its in good, working shape. Bandits are good practice (and backup) amp that will also keep up with a band to some extent. Though I think it is the pre-transtube Bandit which I am not really familiar with how it sounds. (other than Entombed recorded an album or two with one)

These old solid states tend to be tanks but there may be stuff like pots getting dirty and input jacks getting worn and get poor connection that comes with age. Contact spray is usually a good fix in these cases.

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They are a bit muddy, I don't really like them. I played in a band with a guy with one. At first I thought it sounded ok but after a month or three of listening to it, I grew to hate it.
However, they are a really reliable amp and for that money I'd grab it, even if it was just to have as a spare/backup amp. They can bounce around in the back of a truck for years and still work.
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My co-guitarist has ben using one of the older bandits. Lots of hissing. It as awful, practically useless without a noise gate. I'd rather get one of the new generation of bandits. From what I've heard their sound is also supposed to be better.
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Thanks, for the replies guys. still don't know what I'm going to do. I'd probably end up buying a new amp...
I had one, distortion channel was meh and muddy but the cleans were actually really good and the reverb tank was pretty decent.
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This was my first amp and for practice and or backup amp
its not great but its not terrible either and as all ready mentioned its built to stand the test of time. I'd snag another
if the price was right.