I am 20 years old and have been playing since I was 14. I was a Make A Wish Foundation kid at 16 due to needing a kidney transplant. I am also a heart transplant patient too... Go figure. Anyway. I own 6 guitars. A Gibson Les Paul 3 humbucker black beauty 1957 reissue (make a wish guitar) A 1989 Gibson SG. A 2013 Fender Mexican Standard Tele. A 2011 Ibanez Artcore Hollow-body. And 2 acoustics. Ibanez and Washburn. Anyway I have them all set up by a guitar tech to my playing preference. But I keep everything original and I don't like modding or changing pickups. I love the original look and sound. All my guitars sit in a 7 guitar multi stand and I polish them every string change. I change strings about once a month depending on my gig schedule and the wear on the strings. I love my guitars and I want them to last. Am I doing anything wrong as of what I have explained? They are in my music room with a steady temp of 72 to 75 all year long. I put them in their hard cases anytime I transport them to gigs. I don't leave them in the case at home because of my multi stand and it's easy to pick one and start playing. I've heard mixed opinions on the Internet. There's a guy on YouTube named Scott Grove who thinks he knows everything and some of it seems factual and some of it total B.S.... He even disables all comments so no one can call him out. He said to never polish your guitar because it hurts the wood. He said to use water and a rag ! That is a huge red alert in my young mind. Polish has never hurt my guitars so far. But I want an experienced opinion on how to properly keep my guitars in great shape for the rest of my life. I look forward to feedback.
Dunlop formula 65 is a great polish for guitars. Other than that sounds like you're really taking care of those guitars. Dunlop sells a care package that includes the formula 65, lemon oil for fretboards, and something else I can't remember but might be worth looking at for keeping at home.
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I use the Dunlop 65 and the Ernie Ball Polish. I love them both. I also polish my fretboard. It shines up the wood. Does that hurt the fretboard? I read about the Dunlop Finger Board Conditioner and I am going to buy some. But I have been just polishing my fingerboards without strings on it and then string it up and it plays great!
These kinds of threads make me realize how I definitely don't take care of my guitars like I should. I leave them on my bed or couches, mostly. They get dropped and stuff spilled on them at shows. I just wipe them off.
I use Dunlop 65 for the body and Kyser Dr. Stringfellow Lem-Oil on the fretboard.
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Yesterday, while raising the tailpiece the screwdriver slipped and made a ding in the body of my R9. Oh well.

I take care of the fretboard and neck very well and I'd never purposefully drop it and I'm pretty careful with it, but I know that it will happen and I like the look, so whatever.