I have to say I like it a lot. Plenty of good ideas all around. At first I wasn't really digging the clean stuff, it sounded a little odd to me at first, but once the drums and bass came in it really sounded good. Quality is pretty good to me, sounds pretty epic in some spots. Good job doing that. I kinda wish it had a little more too it though, I think I just wanted to hear a little bit more of something before it ended. Other than that I think its pretty solid, nice job!

C4C? Here's my link

Interesting intro. Some parts of this song sound 70's (like Steely Dan with the electric piano & the proggy parts), some parts sound 80's (fine by me). Some parts remind me of early Rush (good) & Pink Floyd. Other than making the volume more consistent (just my opinion, nothing serious), I think it sounds quite good. Nice playing. Please review my music at this link: