any book recommendations for learning music theory for someone who doesn't know any music theory. I wish I could take a music theory class but my university offers them when all the courses I need for my major are offered.
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I third that one. I haven't read the dummies one but I think I looked inside it using amazon's look inside feature when I was thinking of getting the idiots one and thought the idiots one looked better. I could well be misremembering, though This is probably an overgeneralisation, but I always get the feeling that the dummies books can be a bit patronising and jokey (in a bad, annoying way), whereas the idiots books, while starting from the beginning with the basics, don't annoy me the same.

that being said I have several dummies books too and I doubt you'd go too far wrong with either. It's worth pointing out that both of those books are general music theory books and not guitar-specific, though.
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Music in Theory and Practice, Vol. 1

It's a college book, so it doesn't have all the nonsense like the "for dummies" books. Get it with the audio cd or learn to play the examples, which is even better for you.
"Everything About Chords" by Wilber Savage is the best book I have read. Directed at guitar players, he has a gifted way of explaining it all in simple terms with a lot of charts & visual aids. I still read through it once a year & keeps me sharp. Starts very basic & builds from there, moving at your own pace~!
Mel Bay Music Theory Workbook for Guitar by Bruce Arnold.
This book is an excellent learning tool for both the beginner who has no knowledge of music theory, and the intermediate student looking to improve their understanding of the guitar fretboard.
I highly recommend "Fretboard Theory" Volumes I and II by Desi Serna. He also has a series of podcasts that go over the various concepts of the book (it's almost like an audio version of the book).

It's available as a physical book as well as an ebook (I have it on my iPad).

Here's his site: http://www.guitar-music-theory.com/
I have fretboard theory and it is nice, but expensive if you buy Desi's whole package (innuendo aboard!)