Ok so I have had a guitar since I was twelve (a squier) and am now 22 and am trying to really delve deep and start playing hard and getting better. Where I stand right now as far as skill level isn't where I should be at all, I've wrote a few riffs and can play a few things but I can't solo or lead for my life. I just bought rocksmith last week and that seems to really be helping I almost have all of iron maidens the trooper down.

So basically what I'm asking for is techniques where to go from here and how to get a hell of a lot better. I'm fully ready to become devoted to playing all the time so any tip tricks or help would be much appreciated...
OK, so you've set quite a wide open query there. Here are some suggestions:

- set some goals of where you want to be, eg, playing in a rock band that is giging in pubs in 3 years time
- using those goals, devise a plan of how to get there; eg, 2 hours practice a day, 2 hours theory reading a week, use of you tube tutorials, lessons with experienced tutor each week, etc, etc
- then get into a routine of sticking to those goals/plan, with loads of boring practice in-between (talking about it achieves nowt)

But you can also immerse yourself in other things guitar, ie, ready guitar mags, use/read forums such as these, etc. Just build it up and stick to it !

Good luck