Hey guys. Been playing for 4 years and I've always had a problem with my upper arm and elbow (on my picking arm) getting tired in like 30 seconds flat. This has always been a problem as I play a helluva lot of metal. I've tried focusing on not tensing for a while but NOTHINGS working... er someone help, please? :l
Are you sure your posture is correct? And about tension, just make sure that you feel no tension at all. If that means playing dead slow, then so be it.
Sounds like you're picking out of your arm as opposed to wrist, which a lot of people impulsively do, as tensing your arm allows you to nail some fast tremolo picking stuff. Unfortunately, as you found out, it wears out pretty fast. It's a cheap shortcut, and the best thing to do is go back and re-evaluate your picking technique, and work on getting it back up to speed with proper posture. Tensing might let you play bursts of shredding, but it's bad for your arm, and is no good for prolonged picking. Proper posture will not only feel better, but it will allow you to use accents in your playing, give you more consistent speed, and will eventually allow you to play even faster.

Cheers, cxnt.
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I definitely am playing with my arm opposed to my wrist and I know it's wrong, I try and stop it but you know what they say, old habits die hard. Thanks for your advice though man, I think I'm gonna have to start from square one again, sucks but it's gotta be done.
I also have a similar problem while sitting in the standard modern position. It has helped me to switch posture, and I don't experience the same issue in classical position.
The most comfortable posture I can play in is standing up with the strap set fairly high, is it still an issue when you stand up?