Hey Pit, the photos in my phone have recently grown, and I've decided to put them up on a cloud service to keep them safe.

But I honestly have no clue.

What do you guys use as a cloud service for photos? To keep them safe and such?

Also, how do you organize it? Like, do you just regularly upload them or do you have a service that automatically uploads them when you take them?

Any help appreciated!
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I dont really use it that often, but I have a Photobucket account.
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If you want safety, there's Spideroak.

I personally use Imgur for all my image-sharing needs, but it's not great if you want to keep stuff private, or to have an album that you want to access later.

Photobucket works but it's really slow, and not as secure as you might think. It's very easy to access someone else's photos even if they try to hide them.