So in an effort of evolving towards everything chords, I decided to start this song. It's just at the beginning but when I ask for opinions, everybody (wich is about 3 guitar players and an outsider) say that my intro is good but the riff isn't rocking it. I have to say that I'm no happy with the riff's ending, but I think the rest is still cool.

Tell me what you think.

C4c but post your link please.
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the intro bit's alright, bit boring - try syncopating the lead rhythm up a bit. i get super annoyed when the "lead" is just harmonising mirroring the rhythm parts but ya know whatever. also the 6 bars at 20 really didn't fit in (the time change + a key change maybe sound weird) so I tweaked the transition a bit
oops i did it again.gp5
The intro and the heavy riff seemed nice to me. Didn't like the thing allthatichug has added though.
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The intro and the heavy riff seemed nice to me. Didn't like the thing allthatichug has added though.

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The little funky jam you added sounds good but it definitely cannot be added that soon in the song. I'll probably keep it to get that Periphery 2 kind of vibe (this is where I wanted to go anyway)
Hmm. Well. Your clean intro section sounds like it should really be a longer progression, like right now it's a 2 chord 4 bar progression, maybe you should at least make it a 3/4 chord 8 bar progression and add some coloration in there, it's rather dull and doesn't do justice to the colors you bring into the mix later.

I listened to this a few times since it's short so I could give it a better in depth review. I think your chord progression starting from 10- to 19 is absolutely brilliant. It's seriously gorgeous, and you should consider using that intro motif as a chord structure for your chorus later on, it's really nice.

That being said it sounds 10 times better without the lead on top, so. Either ditch the lead or work on it so that it properly accentuates the beautiful coloring of your chords, because right now I think it actually detracts from the beauty and makes it dull.

I like the beggining of the guitar distorted progression, but I would suggest not doing chords on bass and finding either the root of the chord you want to use or accentuating the coloration of the chord where you want it to shine, because chords like that on bass just never really sound good and it just makes everything muddier.

Just my 2 cents, I know it's a rough draft quick idea but I really think you have huge potential in that 10 to 19 section to elaborate on that.

If you want to C4C, here's my link. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1629733
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