I started playing guitar like 2 and a half years ago. I picked up a classical guitar so it won't make a lot of noise, cheap (I bought a simple one for like 80$), and good for beginners. my main genres are rock, grunge and stuff like that and I feel like the classical neck is restricting my play and I'm pretty much stuck on the same level for a long time..

I'm interested in an acoustic guitar that has a neck similar to an electric one so I have easy access to higher notes on the neck, and the overall feel of playing would be similar to an electric one so I can improve my soloing, scales all over the neck and so forth so when I play sessions with friend and I pick up an electric guitar it won't feel strange... the reason I'm not buying an electric guitar is the noise and I want to play freely without headphones and things like that (wish I had a bigger house :P)..

My budget is around 400~500$ (if you know any thing cheaper that suit my needs that would be good too) and I would very appreciate your suggestions. I really like the sound of grunge on acoustic so if you know some specific models/brands that would be good
in a way the electric is better for noise because you have that option of using headphones or playing unplugged where only you can hear it.... with an acoustic you're making noise no matter if you're plugged in or not... and wearing headphones doesn't stop the sound from playing to the room.
You're right but unplugged electric is not fun at all! the noise level of an acoustic is similar to my classic one and it doesn't bother my family at all.. I tried borrowing an electric from a friend and playing with headphones but it wasn't fun either.. the whole setting up of plugging the guitar, plugging the headphone adapter and then the headphones is just not spontaneous at all and I love playing my guitar spontaneously just when I feel like it.
I thought the forum would be more active.. Do you guys know any popular forum for guitar purchasing advises?
if you like the electric guitar feel, try an Ovation. they have the most electric feeling neck i've ever tried. they get a reputation as they are the most polarizing brand of guitar out there. most are too unfamiliar with what they are and what they were designed to do. i've ownded a few dozen of them and love them for their versatility. i have some really high end guitars in my house but i still find myself reaching for an Ovation quite often.
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Hi again guys I really appreciate your input. There's a store near my neighborhood which sells ovation guitar CC24 CELEBRITY for like 500$ and I've read some nice reviews about it. They also sell the breedlove passport c250 but in traveler size - is there any difference? Which one of the two is better for my kind of playing/desires?
I'll second the Ovation. I've had one since the 1990s. Their necks are more like electrics than any other acoustics I've tried.

Breedloves are great guitars- I'm considering buying ne right now- but I probably wouldn't go for one of their travellers.

But honestly, playing a solidbody or even a semihollow with headphones will be much quieter than any acoustic.
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i just tried the cc24 for the first time a few weeks ago. i was very impressed with how well it projected and it's tone. the only thing i didnt like about it were the strings. it comes with D'addario 80/20's. once those wear out, i'd put on some D'addrio PB's. probably EXP16's.
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Yamaha NTX700 if you want another nylon string.
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I prefer steel strings since it sounds more like my type of style.. thank you guys for the input i'm sure going to try the ovation when I hit the guitar store.
most of the cc24's i find are between $340-$399. if you like the one in the music shop and they're asking more than that for it, get one online. Ocation's tone and quality are very consistant. the you order online will sound just like the one you tried in the store.... maybe a bit brighter and more full sounding as the strings will be unplayed. plus you have the advantage of ordering it in the color you want. if it were me, i'd have a tough time deciding between the transparent black and tuscan tan. although color doesn't really matter, once you sit down with it and start playing, you wouldn't notice if it were a flaming pink one !
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Thanks guys. I havent found time to go and try the ovation yet. I read that the round shape of the guitar makes it hard playing while sitting down - is it true? because most of my playing is while sitting down.
I'm a 260lb human fireplug, and my Ovation is a deep bowl model. Between my spheroid shape and the slickness & shape of the ovation's back, playing while sitting would be impossible but for one rare piece of equipment.

I call it...the guitar strap.

As long as you're using one, it should be fine.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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shame on you for telling us you use a strap-on danny !
oh crap, my bad... i guess i should read the whole thing first.
a strap-on for your guitar.... yes......yes, that's the ticket !
i've owned dozens of Ovations and have never had to use a strap on one unless of course i'm standing with one...if you ever heard me play, you'd understand the angry mob chasing me down the street.
the few shallow bowled one's i've owned( not recommended) were easy to adjust to, just had to tilt them back a bit at the top when playing. the mids and deeps... never once had i feared of one sliding off.
i am the complete opposite of Danny though. i love the fact that the rounded back doesn't cut into my chest( like a big boobed girl's bra on a hot summer day). i have stains on the finish of my Taylors from the lower bout resting under my pecs. to me, that's more uncomfortable the the roundbacked Ovations.
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Go play a number of guitars and see what you like. We've got a number of them around here and the crappy sounding ones don't get played, even if they are 'easier' to use when sitting or have 'better' necks.

AFAIK all (metal strung) acoustics will have higher action and stiffer strings than an elec. Bigger bodies sound better and are usually louder.

What the instrument is made of affects the sound, er, tone.

I picked up a washburn wd20 with cutaway neck for $190 used. Solid spruce top. New they're under 300 and includes fishman electrics and d'addario strings. Took it into the high end room and played it back to back wtih $2500+ martins and taylors and if there's a difference we couldn't discern it.

Whether the neck is what you want only you can say.
I am from Spain but now i am living in Finland. I play guitar snce I was a child and I can say you one of the best guitar shop to ask for information is:


They speak english (i hope better than mine) and they are serious and cheaper than other. They sell HANDMADE guitars.
I have recomended this website to my friends in Finland and they are very happy to buy there and to get a very good information about what kind of guitar is the best.

I hope I can help you.
So I went to the guitar shop the other day and they didn't have any ovations there and they only make orders if the customer buys it. he also mentioned that it isn't comfortable playing an ovation sitting down and in my case I should look for an alternative. What do you guys think?

Thanks again guys I appreciate your help.
i didn't find the medium bowl ovations or the shallow bowl ovations to be uncomfortable to play sitting down, but i had a little trouble with the medium bowl ovation rolling off my lap periodically. putting a strap on the guitar and around my neck solved that. btw, i'm only 5' 3" and have a protruding front - my husband, who's tall and slender, never had the ovation roll off his lap when playing.
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so you have but one giutar shop in your area? what guitars do they routinely carry? yamaha? johnson? cort? Gibson? Martin?
if they dont carry what your interested in, you'll have to make do with what they carry or take a trip find a larger store( i love guitar buying trips!!!).
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