Hey guys, I've decided to make an official DayZ thread. This thread is for both the standalone and the mod. I made this thread because I believe DayZ was born for teamwork and who better to team up with than the Pit?
So if you're a DayZ player, reply with your name and/or link us to your steam ID, then we can go kill some Zeds!

DayZ Standalone Players:
falcon1439; http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198114623856

DayZ Mod Players:
Been wanting to play. How's the standalone so far? Still buggy as shit?
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i would shoot every last one of you on sight

That's usually what everyone seemed to do in the mod anyway.

On a related note, I really like that they made the items damageable in the standalone. So you'll be less inclined to fire on everyone you see because they might have good equipment that you don't want to break. It'll reduce the "kill on sight" mentality that everyone seemed to have in the mod which turned it all into a death match and ruined the game, in my opinion. There needs to be a larger emphasis on the zombies as a threat, rather than just other players. I'm hoping that has improved in the standalone alpha.
You now spawn randomly and have no idea where everyone else is. I play the standalone and have never been killed by something that isn't a zombie. Zombies are the major threat in the standalone and it's not that buggy. Sure zombies just glide through fences but the glitches are very minor, especially as it is still alpha. When they smooth out the minor visual flaws and tweak stuff for balance, it'll be a non crashing, beautiful game (looking at you Bugfield 4)
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That's usually what everyone seemed to do in the mod anyway.

I noticed a lot more of that mentality in the stand-alone although I haven't played it in a bit.

^ because I've been too busy playing the mostly perfectly working bf4.
With the standalone overhaul on the horizon I don't feel there's much incentive for me to buy ARMA just for the mod, but I don't think I'll buy DayZ until it gets out of it's alpha infancy.
It's looks great, but not having a lot of time for gaming these days I'd rather jump in when they add the full amount of zombies and weapons. I've noticed in people's videos that there's a lot of ammo lying around for guns that aren't implemented yet.
The Alpha is a lot better than expected. Zombies are pretty much only buggy in the way that they can run through walls and stuff. Oh, and one server I was on had invisible zombies that beat me to death ..

Other than that, it's great. Still not much to do, not a lot of gear to get, but it will all be added eventually. They added more stuff today actually.

Here's the changelog for anyone interested.

Also, I wouldn't mind meeting up with some of you, but right now my gear is way too good to take that chance.
I want this badly but funds are lacking.

Although I wouldn't trust any single one of you...
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How about we start a UG group? Just give me a list of what gear you have, and I'll give you a location and a time to meet up .. How about you guys wait for me in an open field?

EDIT: I swear I don't have a sniper ..
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My steam name is Murtag. Similar avatar to the one I have here.
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Bought it yesterday.. Pretty buggy, and the controls will definitely take some getting used to, but the potential is there. Things will only get better from here on out anyways. Didn't die yet, did spend about 10 minutes with nothing but my trusty flashlight and newly acquired motorcyclehelmet running down a freeway to escape 2 zombies - they have amazing eyesight.

Oh, steamname is also Kylianvb.
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I'm so into DayZ. I waited for the Standalone to come out and never bought ARMA II and I've been playing heavily ever since. I finally got fully geared with plenty of guns and look forward to kidnapping people with the burlap sack and handcuffs
What are the final price estimates for when the game actually has its full launch? I'm not sure if I'm willing to pay 25$ for an alpha. I need that money for... stuff.

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I want to try this but I don't have a computer that can run it #firstworldproblems
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I cracked and finally bought the stand-alone. Loving it so far. Needs a lot of improvement, but it's just an alpha obviously. But there is a very significant improvement on it compared to the mod. Looking forward to the eventually beta. After I play it a bit longer, I'll list some of the issues I've found with it.

And in case anyone wants to add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dillparr
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I don't really know a lot about computers and stuff but can you play it on a normal laptop ?

Depends what you consider a normal laptop lol. But you don't need to deck out your computer to be able to play it. You'll likely have to turn some setting down if you don't have a great setup, but even with setting lowered, it still looks and runs better than the mod. I'm sure you'll be fine.