I need help on picking technique. I've been playing guitar for 7 years, all self-taught, but I'm running into problems as I try to play faster and technical material.
I've been doing a closed fist style of picking with my fingers curled, but me and my bandmates have noticed my index finger while holding the pick slips into a curled position, making my pick control sloppy. When trying to play fast gallops, I try to use my wrist. But I can't play as fast as I want and I run out of stamina as my shoulder and wrists get sore. I also play guitar tense and it's hard for me to relax playing.
One of my friends recommended I make an L shape with my index finger, meeting the thumb, while holding the 3 remaining fingers out in a straight line. I'm trying it, but it feels strange, and I'm trying to get the right picking style where I can play Master of Puppets or Cryptopsy no problem with no fatigue. Though I know I need to start slow.
I forced myself to open up my fingers about a year ago and it was a great decision. Your form ultimately matters a good deal, I'm still fretting totally wrong, but a good rule to follow is to minimize the work you put into your playing. Don't play so hard or with grand motions and it'll help you to play faster.
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It honestly boils down to what feels most comfortable and natural to YOU.

If it feels like you're having to force your hand to stay closed with the fingers curled than that's a pretty good indication that it's not the best position for YOUR hand. The only ones you really need to consciously worry about are your index and thumb as they're holding the pick, but as far as the rest go just relax them and let those fingers naturally fall where they want to.
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