Ok so im saving up to get my first head and cab ( Jet City jca22h & Avatar 212 w/ V30 & hk100 ( also a peavey XXX down the road)) i have a peavey vypyr 30 right meow so that has all my effects on it but ill need pedals for the new and wonderful tube amps lol
I still have a semester left of school and am gonna have to start paying off my loans so im going to be pretty beat for cash but i also dont wanna skimp out and get complete crap for pedals that are gonna sound bad break or make me get mad enough to break them haha

I like to play blues rock and metal (killswitch engage, bfmv, Miss May I, Parkway Drive, Gary Moore, SRV, Joe Bonamassa)

The pedals I was looking toward:

A reverb

A wah: My friend is giving me a Crybaby

An overdrive: Used as a clean boost

A noise Gate

A phaser maybe? Or any other effects you guys might recommend....

I also dont know what order these would go in and whether or not some of them should be in an effects loop vs the pedal board (Im a total noob about all this gear info but would love to learn! )

thanks much!