I can't choose between the Digitech Hardwire RV-7 and the TC Hall of Fame. I like them both for different reasons. I'm finding it hard to choose. I'll be using it for mainly ambient post-rock and shoe-gaze. My favourite album and ambient guitar sound is 'young mountain by This will destroy you', and I LOVE the reverb sounds they get. Which one of these two pedals would be best suited for that kind of sound?

Here is the kind of 'verb I'm trying to achieve:

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One word: Strymon.

What this guy said. And you need delay with that reverb.
I picked up an RV-7 off gregs1020 and couldn't be happier. Can't speak to the Hall of Fame. I doubt you could wrong with either.

Someone gave me a good reason to get the Rv-7 over the Hall of Fame and can't remember what it was - but it had something to do with either build quality or buzzing or something like that.
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I've been checking out the Strymon Blue Sky/Big Sky, and it screams post-rock. There are some sounds from some reviews that sound like they're straight from An EITS song.
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I've owned a bluesky, rv7 and a supernatural, seriously look at the hardwire supernatural, I now use a strymon flint for alt stuff and the supernatural for post rock
Hall of fame now has the toneprint editor so that's a pretty solid option now.
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I don't know if you're willing to save up a bit more money, but I would defiantly recommend the Wet Stereo Reverb. I always loved TWDY's tones and I find that I can get their kind of vibe going really well with the Wet. You might even want to look into a used Boss RV-5, the modulate setting is really commonly heard on a lot of 3rd wave post rock music.
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I've been checking out the Strymon Blue Sky/Big Sky, and it screams post-rock. There are some sounds from some reviews that sound like they're straight from An EITS song.

I fully agree with this. I was considering the Hall of Fame before I bought my Bluesky but decided to be patient and save some money for the Strymon. Best decision ever. This is THE post-rock pedal!
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I'm in the same exact situation as you, OP.

Check out the TC Trinity.

IMO, my ears right now are telling me Trinity > Hardwire Supernatural > RV-7 > Hall of Fame.

I don't like the controls on the Hardwire verbs, I really like the tone control on the TC pedals rather than the "Liveliness" on the Hardwires. Also worth pointing out that the TC pedals are much more useful for ambient sounds than the Hardwires, because all of the Hardwire models have really really short decay times in comparison to the TC models.

The Strymon usually sounds amazing to my ears, but I think it's one you really need to try in person with your setup to see if it'll work for you, as it's controls are a bit weird. Especially at its price point.
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