Hey guys, this is just my second time on the forums here so I'm not completely familiar with all the rules and guidelines. My band has been recording our first EP for a while now and it's actually been released once already, but we're rereleasing it with a different singer and better recorded guitar parts. We're a Christian rock band (I really don't know how to describe our sound better than that haha). I would really appreciate it if y'all could take a listen and drop and tips or advice that you may have to make our songs better. Thanks!

Take It Away

Still Searching

On the Walk Home

Breaking Free

Under the Moonlight

Edit: I'll try my best to do the whole C4C thing! But if I somehow overlook your link... forgive me!
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Hey bro, welcome to the forum. I tried to review all of your band's songs but didn't have time for On the Walk Home. I think you have a lot of talent within the band and the structuring and composing of the songs is excellent. Also, the mastering of the tracks manage to keep the dynamics of the song intact unlike my songs haha, but nonetheless I tried to give tips on the mixing wherever I could.

Take it Away:
Wow, that track sounded really nice. I liked the dynamics and progression throughout. The intro with the palm muting built nicely into the moody chords (octaves I think). The interlude with the bass-line and clean guitars had a nice atmospheric vibe. The tone of that backing solo was nice as well, and notes themselves were well chosen to go along with the vocal melody . I found the quality of the mixing to be really nice as well, definitely had good dynamic range but the vocals were a bit sharp at some times. They could use a bit more smoothing out with a EQ boosting the low-mids I think, but I am no expert when it comes to vocals .

Still Searching:
You guys definitely know how to make a kick-ass intro, I am impressed again with this one. The drum intro followed by a rest kicked off the song well and I am glad you chose to overlay strummed chords along with palm muted riffs behind the vocals to improve contrast. The palm muting at 1:00 could use a bit tightening up though it sounded somewhat off-beat almost syncopated. Also, the vocals at 2:42 clip and seem to push the limiter or compressor to duck the rest of the track down. That being said I found the vocals on this track to be a lot warmer.

Breaking Free:
The clean intro guitar that continued throughout the song at certain points had some great dissonant chords on this track. The notes the vocalist hit at 1:56 was quite impressive. Also, the solo on this track was great, reminded me of Mark Tremonti’s use of the wah pedal and added a lot of excitement to the outro of the song.

Under the Moonlight:
Listening to this track was quite a shift from the rest of your work but it sounded great. The soloing really reminded me of Dave Gilmour at certain licks. And the heavier solo with the wah pedal was awesome, I really enjoyed listening to that part. Good job with the backing vocals as well they added nicely to the vibe of the song.
Reviewing "Take It Away" (I have a song called "Take It All Away" written many years ago): the vocals are good, though slightly pitchy at times (I could live without the screaming/growling vocals, but that's just me; I almost always prefer melodic singing). Good vocal melodies. I like most of the lyrics (some of the lyrics: I wasn't sure how they fit the topic, but maybe I wasn't understanding them correctly). I like the guitar playing/melodies! Drums & bass working fine. I like it overall. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

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Breaking Free - Nice track! I liked the clean guitar and vocal melody.

I would center the vocals and watch out for plosives (p and b sounds) that distort the mic (around 0:44 for example).

The distorted guitars sound mid heavy so maybe dial a different tone or use more eq. I think that the chorus and some other sections where a lot of instruments are present sound over compressed.

Overall I think the music is great and that with a little more attention focused on the mixing you'll be set for your re-release!

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=32285981#post32285981
Thanks for the great reviews guys! Some really good and useful comments in there. I'll try to get to reviewing everyone's music asap. I just need to find some time to sit down in front of my monitors. Also, as far as the vocals, they are all getting rerecorded. Part of the reason for the rerelease is that our lead vocalist changed, so he's doing the parts.

Maverick: That spot at 1:00 in Still Searching has been tripping me up. I'll work on getting the rhythm tighter. Thanks for the compliments on the solos. As the lead guitar player, I love hearing that I'm doing something right.

aaron: I totally get what you mean about the screaming parts haha. I'm more of a blues guy myself and I don't really get the whole screaming deal, but the other guys like it so I don't let it bother me haha.

scarethecrows: Do you know of any good resources for vocal recording and mixing? I don't have any formal training in this stuff so I really just play it by ear and experiment. I'm constantly figuring out better techniques and when I do, I end up rerecording all my guitar parts haha.