I am torn between two guitars, and which I should choose, and how much I should offer, as I'll take advantage of the "OBO" I want to primarily play metal, and fast paced things. I'll add pictures:

Model #1 is Ibanez RG3EXKA1 Koa top wood Asking is $350.00 obo

Model #2 is Ibanez RG3QM asking price is $275.00 obo

Thanks for any and all insight
Those guitars are very similar, and either would suit your needs well. I would go with the RG3EXKA1, as it is more rare (US only) and tends to hold more value. The koa top is very nice, and the pickups on that model have a bit more definition than the standard V7's and V8's (based on what I've read on other user's reviews).
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