Snagged a used Ibanez ax7221 everything's
cool but the pups are muffled muddy sh*t. I
need suggestions on new pups as this is my
first 7 that I don't like the pups. I play metal
along the lines of Fear factory, Machine head
Deftones etc. Amp is a Randall Rm100. Budget
300 USD maybe 4.
DiMarzio Evolution 7s are always a good bet. As is the Crunch Lab/Liquifire combo. Both sets will give you great definition and clarity, with a tight low end.

If Seymour Duncan pups are more your thing, then I would go with the Nazgul/Sentient combo. I haven't played them but have heard very good things. They are pretty gritty pickups (in a good way).
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As of now the guitar is very dark sounding
and that is what I'm disliking. I'm looking
for a tight focused sound as I dont really shred
don't think you could on this anyway as upper
fret access is restrictive but feels good to me
for the style of rhythm I like more suggestions
welcome and thanks.
Anyone tried the new Duncan 7 pups.
I love my black winters wondering about
the new 7 models.
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Those are what I would recommend