Hello all,

I'm in the market for a new guitar (for alternative tunings) and I was looking at the new Hellraiser Extreme. Has anyone had any experience with this guitar yet? I have the regular C-1 hellraiser FR and the C-7 FR which I abso-fuc*in-loutely love and I'm not sure how these new Extreme one are. This guitar will primarily be used for Eb Standard, Drop D, Drop C and C# so I'll most likely put a bit thicket strings on them.


My play style is a heavy/clean combo that the emg's in the regular Hellraiser work beautifully for. Anyway just looking for some incite and advice.

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To recommend you gear, we need

Preferences(shape, pup config etc)
Current Gear

Without these it would be difficult to recommend you gear. Objectively, one of the best guitars in existence would be an original 1959 Gibson Les Paul that cost 200000 dollars.